Thursday, December 24, 2009


After the opening, The White Cube Remix resonates, the experience still felt, even if not fully understood.

SackJo22 shares some of her thoughts here.

Rolf Gerstlauer, the curator for the exhibition shared the following:

The response in the space was overwhelming. For the longest time, none of the visitors understood what it was we all were so very excited about -- but they knew that they did partake in something large and greater than us. When you [were] reading your poem life, they started to sense a nature of the explosion. . .and when we all went silent and the music came to us, they were open and ready for it. . .people split and wanted to be along. They sat down on the floor and went silent. Some smiling, others with wet eyes. The music took the space immediately and all were suddenly alone but connected. The cube contained in. This is what we all sensed.

The response yesterday was as powerful. I got mails and sms' from people who were not able to be with us at that time. Students and teachers at the school approached and wanted to know. . .something more. . .They have been told about a global event, mesmerizing and unique music, a powerful contaminating enthusiasm by extremely charismatic people who are poets, lawyers, musicians. . .but most of all poets. . .or people. . .connected people. The Chinese students who did write and speak their poems for WhiteNoiseNewCube came with wonderful gifts and used all night after the event on Thursday to download all the 96 tracks. They travel today back to Beijing and will not be able to connect to anymore. Not if they don't want to break the law and risk a five y ears sentence in jail. I'm not able to describe their happiness for what they own now and can take home. The Chinese, like few others, and in contrary to what 'most of us believe,' do live contained in, and thy are as few others humble about it. . .

. . .Eli and a friend of hers were sitting in the window sill. . .they were completely mute, their mouths open, their eyes pointed towards the re-opening of James and Davidson. I just watched. Eli is beautiful. When "We Start' dies out Eli said 'hmmmm' and I said 'hello.' She was there all day and could not stop listening. Many visitors could not stop listening. . .The music is created in but it plays beyond what is describable when it is played in front of people.

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