Sunday, November 1, 2009


You set the tea light on the table
its flicker a delicate tease of what you might see
the early shadows barely breathe in that intimacy
as you look, as you reach
recognition bursts!
its brightness the brightest sun reflected on fields of snow
so in that moment the whole room explodes.

We start as a white cube
with a floor and walls
where we put up our ideas
and watch them hang,
and then we take them down again.

In this space, we speak of the color white
the color of all colors combined
the color of all of our options
the color of our connection that traverses space and time.

December in the north
the darkness lingers
so that even the shade of the moon seems bright.
You reach out and grab that light
the palpable, tangible meaning of life.

-- SackJo22

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